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All of our inspections include a complete assessment of the property's key elements including the structure, interior, plumbing, foundation, heating, air conditioning, roof, attic, basement, appliances, landscape, safety, fixtures, exterior, and radon and wood destroying organisms.

$450 Single Home

Up to
2 bedrooms.*

$500 Single Home Premium

Up to
5 bedrooms.*

$600 Multi-family

Multi-family homes
with up to 2 units.*

*All pricing is subject to inspector review.

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Individual Inspection Services

Real Estate Inspections

This inspection is performed typically after attorney review and before closing to find any inadequacies that could lead to expensive repairs in the future and includes Wood Detroying Organisms and Radon.

Foreclosure/Short Sale

A Real Estate inspection that is being performed on a home that is being sold below market value by a bank or mortgage company. This inspection puts more emphasis on major defects that need to be known before finalizing the purchase. This inspection can also be performed prior to making an offer to consider the costs of repairs needed to make the home livable.


Radon is a colorless, odorless gas caused by decaying matter deep within the ground that is a carcinogen. The test is performed during the Real Estate Inspection and must be done by an individual licensed by the state.

Wood Destroying Organisms

A non-invasive visual inspection performed during the Real Estate Inspection looking for damage causes by insects such as termites and carpenter ants.

Septic inspections

An inspection performed by a qualified outside company to determine the condition of the septic system including the septic tank, distribution box, and leach field.

Swimming Pool & Spa Inspections

An additional inspection on above and in-ground pools, hot tubs, and spas. This inspection looks at the overall condition of the components and safety concerns.

Compliance Inspections

This inspection is performed on rental investment and seasonal properties to insure the property is being properly maintained by the tenants.

Rental Inspections

A photograph documented inspection performed on behalf of the renter, landlord, or both to document the condition of the property at the beginning of the lease agreement.


In the event that mold is found an inspection is performed by an outside contractor to find the type of mold, the extent of damage, and the costs to remediate the situation.

Well Testing

Test performed on the potable drinking water supplied by a private well. This test is usually performed by the seller using a qualified well testing company.


A professional opinion by an individual that knows all aspects of a home for the purpose of selling, construction, or structural concerns.


Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI


All inspections require an inspection agreement. Download a PDF of our inspection agreement.

Drew Scerbo

My name is Drew Scerbo

I am the owner and operator of Ace Home Inspections of New Jersey, LLC. In 2007 I earned my New Jersey Home Inspector’s license and since have performed over 3,000 inspections for private parties, banks, insurance companies, and tenants. Since then I achieved my New Jersey Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Inspector license and perform housing inspections for a local Township. My career started as a contractor owning an operating a home maintenance and improvement business that started operation in 2002. I incorporate the knowledge I have learned from being a licensed New Jersey General Contractor into my home inspection business.